Low Cost, High Impact

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

You'll probably hear me say “low cost, high impact” (LCHI) a lot in this blog. Discovering something is LCHI is one of the many highlights of my job. Who doesn’t love an item that is worth a lot more than the money you spent to purchase the item?!

My latest LCHI obsession is a non-slip drawer liner. You can find such liners, in various sizes, at your local dollar store. I view drawer liners as functional, rather than fashionable. In other words, if your shelves are stain-free, solid (not ventilated), and hold non-fragile objects (like everyday cups or plates), then there’s really no need to spend hours cutting liners to perfectly fit these areas.

However, non-slip liners are essential in utensil drawers, [organized] junk drawers, and other areas where stability is needed. Hearing your kitchen supplies rattle around each time you open a drawer is simply unnecessary.

For those of you who are already liner lovers, you may have experienced a common frustration with this product: the liner holds the drawer contents in place, but what holds the liner in place each time the drawer is opened or closed? Case in point:

I’ve found the most common remedy that is recommended for this scenario is spray adhesive. But as you can imagine, that leaves a big sticky mess behind in your drawers or on your shelves. So, I recommend carpet tape. Not only does this product hold the corners of your rugs in place, but it also doubles as a very reliable liner-locker!

Carpet tape keeps your shelf liners in place and can be removed with a little effort without damaging your cabinetry. So for just a few dollars, you too can enjoy this LCHI benefit!


Voila! And you can't even see the tape!
Using multiple drawer organizers will also help slow-the-roll of your utensils.

Finally, on a personal note, thank you for the outpouring of well wishes since I launched SHMorganizing. I am having so much fun, and I couldn’t do this without your support and encouragement. I am forever grateful!

‘Til next time,

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