Thursday, September 19, 2013

Wooden, non-slip, plastic…so many choices, so little time. But have no fear because today's post will help you make the best choice when selecting these closet essentials: hangers!

When it comes to organization and organizing supplies, I'm a big believer in function + fashion. First, it has to work well - but it also has to look nice. When things look nice & cohesive, you are more likely to keep them in order.

I have minimal requirements when I work with clients because we design systems around their lifestyle & habits, not mine. However, hangers are an exception to this rule: I insist on matching hangers. Hangers set the stage for closet maintenance, and if they’re uncoordinated then they deter & distract from organization.

What a peaceful space!
All you see are clothes - not a stressful mess of hangers to sift through.
All garments are not created equal and they require varying storage needs. In other words, one-size hanger ≠ fit all. Using the right hangers for your clothes will extend the life of your wardrobe…and the investment you made in that wardrobe!

For most items in your closet, I’m a huge fan of these space-saving non-slip hangers!

They’re perfect for men’s shirts, ladies shirts, dresses, lightweight jackets, etc. – plus these clips can be added to accommodate skirts or pants. These ingenious little triangles keep your clothes locked in place AND look fantastic in any color…function + fashion!

And speaking of pants…clipping them to the non-slip hangers or draping them over the non-slip hangers are both great options. But if you want to take things a step further, I recommend these rubber trouser hangers.

They hold your pants several inches higher than the non-slip hangers (space-saver) and your pants can be retrieved without removing the hanger from the rod (time-saver). To that, I say: it’s the little things!

But what about suits and winter coats?! This is where wooden hangers do their best work. Support and form are paramount for storing these garments, and the quality & color options for wooden hangers are endless. But as long as your choice includes broader arms with a curved profile, then you’re good to go! And you can always add these Garment Grips to prevent slipping.

Wooden hangers are more cumbersome and more expensive than their competition, so I encourage clients to reserve them for their heavier garments in order to free up rod space in their closet and dollars in their pocket.

All of these hanger options are available in several brands, at different price points, and in multiple stores – so consider your budget and favorite retailer, and let the hanger intervention begin!

Don't forget to donate any unused hangers and be sure to recycle any wire hangers. Most dry cleaners will recycle wire hangers, and some will even hang your garments on your own hangers after they’ve been laundered (no more transferring clothes when you get home!).

‘Til next time,

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this post are mine alone. I have not been compensated in any way to review or promote these products.

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