Client Project: Master Closet

Friday, October 18, 2013

Who doesn’t love BEFORE and AFTER pictures?! Whether it’s a redecorated dining room, a weight loss, or a reorganized closet, we just can’t get enough of these amazing transformations! At the end of each project, I get to share these pictures with my clients and their reactions typically include laughter, relief, and joy (cue my happy dance!).

If our TV isn’t set to Blue’s Clues for our 20-month old son, then it’s set to HGTV…I’m addicted. But even in my great love for that channel, I know it doesn’t take 30 minutes minus commercials to transform a 1980’s kitchen into a modern-day cooking kingdom strewn with stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, and under-mount sinks. Transformations take time. I’m quick to remind my clients that purging spaces and putting them back together is a simple idea, but not a quick fix - you need to be ready.

I recently worked with a wonderful family to reorganize their master closet. With busy schedules and three children, they were r-e-a-d-y to have a functioning closet. Finding clothes to wear each day had become a chore, so our goal was to regain those precious minutes each morning. I knew this was going to be a great partnership when I heard my client say: “I want a place where I can lay out my clothes the night before!”

This closet had great bones - beautiful shelving and lots of storage - but the space was not being maximized and the flow needed some improvement. My client’s priorities included a good purge, matching hangers (music to my ears!), clearly defined his & hers areas, functional storage for their belts and her scarves, and shelf and drawer dividers. So we got to work!

After we purged through all of the items, the bulk of my time was spent reconfiguring the layout. I worked with the original closet manufacturer to order new shelves, additional rods, and customized dividers. My toolbox saw a lot of action, but thankfully I had some help when two of the kiddos would sneak upstairs to ask about each of my tools...welcomed & sweet distractions!

THANK YOU to the M. family for your kindness, collaboration, and the opportunity to make a difference in your daily lives - I had so much fun working with you!

Click on images to enlarge:

BEFORE and AFTER - big picture
BEFORE and AFTER - added acrylic shelf dividers
AFTER - his and her shoes
I'm a huge fan of valet rods, so I was thrilled when this family asked me to install one next to their belt rod
BEFORE and AFTER - blazers and suits (organized by type then color)
BEFORE and AFTER - his pants, polos, and button-down shirts (organized by type then color)
BEFORE and AFTER - folded t-shirts horizontally and added wooden drawer dividers
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