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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Happy New Year (a little belated)!

A new year means a fresh start and the perfect time to T.C.B. (Take Care of Business)! That is why I picked this recent client project to blog about – it is a great example of why NOW is the time to take care of what you care about.

At the beginning of each project, I ask my clients: “What is your dream/vision for this space?” The answer I received for this project was: “A functioning overflow storage room.”

In the past three years, my client’s house has been home to three people, then down to two people, and now four people live there. The house is full of life and love, but keeping up with the outflow and inflow of people and stuff in that amount of time can be challenging for any family. This client knew they needed a designated area to organize and store all of the excess.

Since their attic and basement – like many of our attics and basements – were not conditioned, my client had been very good about reserving this space for temperature-sensitive items only (e.g. wedding dress, photographs, childhood keepsakes, a mix of upholstered furniture, and hunting gear, including ammunition).

After purging through the room’s contents (including hauling off trash, consigning several evening dresses, and donating other items), we started putting the room back together. We tried several arrangements, taking into consideration wall vents, items that needed to be accessed frequently, the one window in the room, the first view of the room when you walk by or walk in, etc.

The client was left with a space that not only stores extra furniture and clothing, but is also a peaceful place to needlepoint (one of my client’s favorite pastimes) or read a book…plus the door can be fully opened now without hitting something!

As we wrapped up our time together, my client said something I’ll never forget – she said: “I didn’t want to leave this for my kids to deal with.” If you don’t treat your items with respect and purpose, then how can you expect someone else to do that? There is nothing wrong with stuff - but if something is important enough to keep, then it’s important enough to define it.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones by taking care of the space where you live or work. Professionals, like myself, are eager to help you reclaim a peaceful environment with systems that are best suited for your belongings and your lifestyle.

Thank you to the H. Family for opening up your home. I loved every minute of our time together!

Click on images to enlarge:

BEFORE and AFTER - big picture
This project is also a wonderful example of how much can be accomplished with very little supplies. My client already had lots of plastic storage boxes and two sets of metal shelving units (like these), but decided to purchase some plastic liners to keep unboxed items from tipping over on the shelves. I love these liners and have used them with several clients - easy to clean, very sturdy, and affordable! I've said it before: nothing beats low cost, high impact.

BEFORE - first view of room
AFTER - first view of room
Rolling out the client's rug really warmed up the room! Don't store an item if you can use it now.
BEFORE - view inside room
AFTER - view inside room
Two air vents flanked the sofa, so we put the hunting gear on the return vent side as an added safety measure.
AFTER - view inside room
The client is thinking about getting a canvas cover for her garment rack, and possibly for the other metal shelves as well.
AFTER - view inside room
My client requested we hang the mirror low so she could use it as a full length mirror - great idea!
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