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SHMorganizing LLC
(205) 623-9166

SHMorganizing is a professional organizing company based in Birmingham, AL and available anywhere. The business name is a play on my initials...organizing-shmorganizing! I love what I do and judgement has no place in my work. Your spaces will be treated with the utmost respect.

Organization is a simple idea, but it's not an easy task. Ads tell you all you need is a filing cabinet in your office or the latest scheduling application on your cell phone, then all of your problems will be seems so simple. But you soon realize it's not that easy. What about the filing system that goes in the filing cabinet? What about all of the complicated features in the new app? The system du jour doesn't work and your visual clutter soon becomes mental clutter. Treatment has been administered before diagnosing the problem. That's where I come in!

Together we'll consider the whole picture and make efficiency a priority. I'll help you purge unwanted or unneeded items, then put everything else back together in a system that is customized for your lifestyle. Some of my services include:
  • working with clients to sort and reduce clothing, paperwork, housewares, toys, and general clutter
  • creating functional & tidy systems for kitchens, closets, offices, garages, basements, playrooms, and other similar areas
  • assisting with electronic organization (e.g. tips for sorting and backing up digital images, computer documents, music and videos)
  • designing & installing shelving units for closets, pantries, etc.
  • shopping for additional items to enhance the organized space (e.g. baskets, hangers, hooks, etc.), only if existing supplies have been deemed ineffective
  • delivering purged items a client would like donated to their preferred non-profit organization and returning the itemized receipt to the client for tax purposes
  • consigning purged items a client would like to sell in shops or online (e.g. local social media groups,, etc.)
  • hauling off trashed items or arranging for disposal if trash exceeds a certain amount
If you're ready to tackle the chaos once and for all, please call me for a consultation. I can't wait to work with you!